Toyota callbacks Corolla & Camry in massive numbers


Toyota Motor Corp. has recently announced the global recalling of several vehicles worldwide as part of fixing the faulty power window. The power window master switches (PWMS) cropped up issues to overheat and cause fire and Toyota are lucky enough not to get a customer report on that. Owing to the “foreseeable engineering” the global automaker escaped from spoiling its reputation again.

It’s a shame for Toyota after being hit by spate of problems in Japanese natural disaster and over 7.4 million vehicles reportedly having the issue. It has come as an irony after the dismay incurred by Honda in mending the same issue on C-RVs. Almost half a million cars are to be recalled which Honda says the driver side window may cause fire if water or some fluids trickle down to the switches through the window, shorting the circuit. The C-RVs models made from 2002-2006 are highly affected by that in USA and Europe but no reports yet on Indian C-RVs.

Toyota have even gone worse with it as the potential mayhem mean that it’s the second biggest single recall ever encountered after Ford pulled off 8 million vehicles in 1996 over an ignition switch glitch.  After showing strong sales in the first part of the year worldwide, it will be a big hammer blow for the Japanese volume manufacturer.

Toyota recalled Camry and Corolla Altis sedans in India, it might have taken the toll on 9,000 units. They also refused to report on money spent to overcome the issue but we can presume it as some millions. Since 2009, Toyota have become a notorious name in terms of recalling factor is worth mentioning.


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