Volkswagen unveils new Beetle Cabriolet

The first sights of the all-new Beetle have been released by Volkswagen through its official images. The new bug is set to be part of the glamorous ramp of the German manufacturer at the LA motor show scheduled for next month.

The cabriolet bears a soft-top roof with the folding time of ten seconds to flatter down completely. The bug had a prominent issue on the roof being not folding down to the fullest and it has somehow been resolved in the new model to provide decent amount of rear visibility.

This third generation Beetle Convertible has its roots established from the first Cabrio unveiled in 1949, followed by the second generation, after a long absence, in 2002. It is spacious and comfortable and has the subtle interiors with enough space for four travelling enthusiasts and possesses a boot space of 225 litres.

It is fitted with active rollover protection system featuring two extendable modules behind the rear seats.  The roof is sliced-off to create the model and inherited with styling cues from its classic forefather such as its circular headlights and sweeping bonnet complemented by the striking alloys, higher quality finish, and more purposeful stance.

The drop-top most probably will feature the same suspension linkage taken from the hatchback sibling – multilink front and torsion beam rear suspension to balance out the uneven roads. Only the range-heading 2.0L TSI gets a four-link rear suspension arrangement.

 No change on the mechanical side as well, with 104bhp delivered from the basic petrol and diesel ranges. On the petrol versions, 158bhp and 197bhp are the other options from the Turbo Stratified Injection based 1.4L and 2.0L units. The diesel choice is left to a 2.0L TDI engine spitting out 138bhp. No price has yet been announced and expected to be in showrooms by mid-2013.


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