Mitsubishi starts testing the Mirage hatch in Europe

After launching the Mirage hatch in Thailand, Mitsubishi has now started testing a thinly disguised Mirage prototype in Europe. The car, which as we all know is being considered for an Indian launch, will be replacing the slightly larger Colt in the European continent.

Based on the Global Small Concept that was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show last year, the Mirage is designed and engineered with fuel efficiency and low emissions in mind. This B segment hatchback measures 3,710mm long, 1,665mm wide and 1490mm high and is specifically developed for the emerging markets.

Mitsubishi India stated in a press release that “The investments required for this segment are significantly larger and the Japanese firm may choose to go solo. Currently, it assembles and markets vehicles in India under a tie-up with the Kolkata-based Hindustan Motors.”

If the Mirage does find its way through the Indian market, it will be powered by a 1.2-liter four-cylinder petrol engine that makes 78 horsepower. Mitsubishi claims that the hatch is capable of delivering a mind-boggling 30 kmpl, thanks to a start-stop system and its low-friction tires.

Since the Japanese car maker is still analysing on whether the car is suitable for India or not, it would be hard to comment on how much the Mirage will cost. However, if priced well the hatch will compete with the likes of the Ford Figo, Hyundai i10 and the Maruti Ritz.

Image Source: Carscoop


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