The Unforgiving Lambo Veneno

Lamborghini has the reputation for making fast cars go even faster in its own right and at the heart of Geneva Motor Show the lid was drawn off on a new breed of hypercar, the Veneno.  If you’re an internet geek you would’ve come across all the buzzing that shrouded the new Bull. Like it or loathe it, admit that you would’ve cast an eye particularly on Geneva show mainly to witness the arrival of it.

For its 50th anniversary, the Italian outfit has created a symphony of speed. Of the 7 billion world population only three wealthier men will get their hands on the Veneno, unfortunately. Indeed the three lucky chaps have already put down their deposits in place to carry home the production version of this ultimate exotic. Of the three owners, it has been revealed that two are Americans.

How does the name come about then? It’s obviously a fighting bull that killed a toreador (bull fighter) in the early parts of 19th century. Built on Aventador’s tweaked chassis  which costs around $400,000, the car lives up to the theme of carbon-fibre everywhere. Even the body panels, interior controls will get embossed with that light-weight material.

Lambo claims that it’s a racing prototype for the road. Every bits and pieces on the body is designed to channel the airflow to the massive rear wing to claim as much performance and downforce created by a Le Mans racer yet being usable on the road. The rear of the car is substantially revised with more focus put on underbody aerodynamics and high-speed stability in corners.

The development car featured in Geneva boasted colours replicating Italian flag on its sides and the production models will have the same red, white and green touches. The Veneno is on top of its rivals in terms of styling, with scissors-style doors,  roof-mounted air scoop, sharply sculpted splitters and other distinguished body parts.

According to Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann, the new car is the fastest, most powerful road Lamborghini they ever built. Underneath this one-off monster lies a 6.5-litre, mid-mounted, naturally aspirated V-12 engine, generating 740 horses and mated to a seven-speed ISR Auto transmission driving all four wheels with 5 different driving modes to choose from. The suspension is all racing-spec and it accelerates from zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds and hits a top speed of 220mph. This headlining hypercar costs at, take a breathe, $3.9 million. I wouldn’t mind buying it if I had that much of money bothering my pocket though as most of you may think.


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