Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 cruiser caught testing

The Thump that Binds together.. They say it very right. Iconic motorcycle maker Royal Enfield showcased Thunderbird 500 at the Auto Expo and had announced the bike to be launched by middle of 2012. Royal Enfield displayed a matte black finish Thunderbird and we just fell in love after seeing this black beauty.

Royal Enfield seems to be committed to launch the Thunderbird 500 as the bike was caught testing recently. The company acclaimed that the even though the Thunderbird had low sales, many customers enquired for the Thunderbird 500 cruiser which has earned its self a good fan following in the cruiser category. Royal Enfield will launch the Thunderbird 500 in India by middle of 2012 and once it meets the Indian demand will start exports.

The Thunderbird 500 has been perhaps one of the most anticipated offering from the Royal Enfield stable considering that the Thunderbird 350 has been doing yeoman service for the last ten years. The Thunderbird has built for itself a reputation of being a comfortable touring motorcycle and is often the first choice amongst the Royal Enfield models for touring enthusiasts.

The Thunderbird has earned itself the reputation of a capable highway tourer and established itself firmly in the cruiser market. The Thunderbird broke away from the mould of Royal Enfield’s traditional motorcycles and redefined a new lineup. In that direction, the new Thunderbird has come as fresh motorcycle.

So what’s new in the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500?

  • Black finished engine
  • Completely redesigned seat which offers better seating posture
  • New design handle bar for better reach and ergonomics
  • Lock mechanism for the seat
  • Bungee hooks,useful when cruising towards long destinations
  • Royal Enfield logo on the all new foot-pegs
  • New headlight with a 55w projector lamp for its low beam and a 55W halogen bulb for the high beam
  • New design mirrors and the LED tail lamp.
  • Royal Enfield logo on the all new foot-pegs, new design mirrors and the LED tail lamp
  • 500cc Unit Construction Engine (UCE)
  • 41mm thick forks in front and an oval section swingarm at the rear to allow the rider to handle the additional power.
  • A rear disc brake

Image Source: MotorVikatan Facebook

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