BMW may launch the 3 Series LWB in India

The BMW 3 series has always been criticized for its rear-seat comfort, despite being a luxury sedan. The current 3 series (E90) is soon to be replaced by an all-new version, (F30) which is comparatively longer and wider. However, if you are still not satisfied with the specification sheet, then the German car-maker has some plans for you already.

The car seen in the picture above is the new F30’s, long wheel-base (LWB) version that recently made its debut at the Beijing Motor Show. The German car-maker has now confirmed that it is analysing this model for a launch in India. Long wheel-base variant’s offer more rear-seat legroom and are especially for customers who prefer to be chauffeur driven. All the LWB Bimmers* carry an “Ld” or an “Li” badge instead of the regular “D” or “I”. The LWB 3-series here is called the 335 Li and as one can see, it has a slightly longer rear door and expanded rear cabin to give that extra leg room over the regular 3 Series sedan.

BMW’s decision to launch the 335 Li in India is actually a strategic move to hold on to its top spot in the market. The German car-maker’s counterpart rival Audi (also German) had recently announced that it plans to snatch the crown from BMW within the upcoming two years. BMW in turn has pulled up its socks, as it is now preparing for a set of new launches in the upcoming months.

Under the hood, one can expect the 335 Li to be powered by the same 3.0-litre turbocharged petrol unit that also does duty on the regular 3-series (F30) sedan. Going by the popularity of diesels in India, BMW may even choose to offer a diesel variant in the LWB spec. Leave aside BMW; it is certain that this move will further push the rival car-makers to introduce their LWB variants to the Indian market.  Expect the Audi A4 L to follow up soon.

* Bimmer (pronounced Beemer) – A Slang used for BMW’s.

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