When will the LML Star200 come to India?

Star 4T 200cc is the latest model from LML. Based on the PX 150 the Star borrows a lot of design cues from the old PX 150 (more popularly known as LML Vespa).

The scooter market is growing at a rapid pace as compared to the motorcycle segment.

The new 200cc engine, churns out a maximum power of 8.6 kW and torque of 14.5 Nm which allow high performance at high and low rpms. To engine is equipped with a series of catalytic converters and an innovative secondary air system which makes it Euro 3 compliant. The Star 4T 200cc delivers an impressive mileage of 50 km/litre.

The entirely new engine, which has a different weight distribution with the load distributed more on the front axle, transforms the balance of the scooter, providing a more balanced and compact.

The Star features a new design parabola, resulting in greater brightness which translates into better visibility and therefore greater safety. The scooter features Chromium plated hand grips and new look Instrument Panel.

LML has announced some big launches for the Indian market. The company which stopped operations a few years back due to labour issues made its re-entry this year. To start with the company launched the NV series scooters.

After making a comeback in the scooter market, Kanpur-based LML plans to re-launch its popular Freedom motorcycle in 100cc and 125cc engine capacities by end of this year. The product will mark LML’s re-entry into the motorcycle market.

“We felt that Freedom still has an after-life simply because there is a section of satisfied consumers still using the motorcycle. We still have the old platform but the new Freedom will be a much-evolved product, which would be differently engineered with a new engine,” PS Choudhary, head of marketing and sales, LML said.


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  • sijoy

    WOWWWWWWWWWWW…………………..Star 200 will be the no.1.design is very noustalgic we are waiting for this………..everybody fedup with the plastic model scooter design.it will be the break…all wishes to LML.


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